The Weekend Warm-Up


The Weekend Warm-Up will be posted every thursday afternoon on LeakLight. It will feature 5 or so songs to help you party through the weekend because everybody knows Thursday is the new Friday!
1. Big Boi “Tangerine” – A pretty standard down south banger. This entire album has been getting a lot of time in our rotation lately and this is definitely the number one party tune on it.
2. Of Montreal Ft. Solange “Sex Karma” – Yes, it’s a weird pairing and yes it’s also kind of a weird song, but it’s great. These two artists come together on what has to be one of my favorite choruses of all time. (you can’t really go wrong with a line like “let’s go play some hide and seek, I know you are a little freak.)
3. Big Sean Ft. Mike Poser & Clinton Sparks “Ambiguous” – One of my favorite songs from FF3. Sean and Clinton’s verses are great and filled with one liners. Plus, it’s the weekend so we’re all really trying to figure out whether we’re going to F@$%
4. Stromae Ft. Kanye West “Alors on the Dancefloor Remix” – Apparently this song blew up recently in Europe w/out Kanye, but the addition of him gets it into my rotation along with dance beat it should get you ready for the night ahead.
5. Dirt Nasty “Miami Nights” – The name says it all. Staying up all night like a Miami night.

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