The Weekend Warm-Up

It’s Baaaaack. Time for the weekend warm-up! I’m going to admit, last week was a little week so I brought some serious heat this week to get you guys through the weekend. Definitely a heavy techno/house/electronic feel this week since I just saw Deadmau5 last night so I hope you enjoy it.

Bassnectar “Wildstyle Method” – A little dubstep to start off the warm-up. Bassnectar tries out the fairly new music style and absolutely kills it with this one. Love the vocals in it too.

Flux Pavilion “Haunt You” – These guys are on the warm-up every week it seems like, but they put out so much fire it’s impossible not to post their stuff. Especially when people ask me about them all week. This is another banger as we’ve come to expect from FP.

Calvin Harris “You Used To Hold Me” – Little bit of an older Calvin Harris song that I started listening to a bunch this week for some reason. Calvin has a lot of great songs and if you like this dance track you should go check out the rest of his stuff.

The Cataracs “Top of the World” – These guys are featured on the hugest club song right now, “Like a G6” and have some heaters of their own. I’m a huge fan of this song and know all of you will be too.

Bastien Laval Feat. Layla “Restlessness (Wendel Kos Edit)” – this is just an absolute banger. the drop after the chorus is so filthy, I seriously cannot get sick of it.

Have a crazy weekend everybody.

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