The Weekend Warm-Up

Bringing the heat this week in the warm-up. Got a serious mix of genre’s and some throwback music to mix with the new stuff. Also, if you missed last week’s warm-up MAKE SURE you download “Replica” and “My Feelings For You”.

Nero – Me & You: Nero is a group out of London that has been blowing my mind as of late. I originally thought they were really just dubstep, but after loistening to more of their music i’m truly impressed because they mix so many genres together. They’re about to drop an able and “Me & You” is the first single from it. This song has a crazy dubstep feel to it but also a lot of electro as well.

Marco V – Reaver: Picked this song up from the Avicii Essential Mix, which if you haven’t downloaded yet you need to. Anyways, i’m really feeling this song because the build up is awesome and it’s dope how the beat drops out except for the synths on the actual drop. Check it out and you’ll see what i’m talking about.

Three 6 Mafia – Testin’ My Gangsta’: Had to throw a little old school Three 6 in this week’s warm-up. This song goes so hard and the opera sample is absolutely filthy. If you’ve never heard it before, trust me, this is a classic.

Freezepop – Frontload (Designer Drugs Remix): Designer Drugs has a show in Seattle tomorrow night with Downlink and many other guests so I thought I would throw up one of my favorite remixes by them. Can’t wait for the show tomorrow!

Get Far & Paolo Sandrini- The Radio: This song came out earlier this year and to be honest I slept on it a little. Recently it’s been getting a lot of plays on my iPod so I figured it was time to post it on the warm-up.

Tommy Trash and Tom Piper – All My Friends: I have been playing this song a disgusting amount this week. It is SUCH a banger!


Digital Farm Animalz – Home: This isn’t as much of a party song as it is a late night chill song. Play this wobbly/trance filled song at about 3:30 am on Saturday night.


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