The Weekend Warm-Up

WOW, I am really excited about the line-up for this week. I’ve been on a little bit of a house binge lately, as opposed to the mostly dubstep tracks i’ve been posting lately. Anyways, lets get into it.

Avicii – Street Dancer: So here is Avicii’s first single from 2011. It just dropped yesterday. In this one he turns an original 80s song into something completely different. It’s kind of hard to explain because there are so many aspects to the song, but make sure to check it out.

M.I.A. – Internet Connection (Flux Pavilion Remix): FINALLY some new music from Flux! He still keeps a lot of dubstep elements in this track, but it also has an electro feel. I’ve basically been playing this non-stop since he released it on his soundcloud.

Skrillex – Do Da Oliphant: This track is so sick! I wanted to post it last week, but didn’t have an mp3 so I couldn’t post it anywhere. Anyways, I got my hands on one now so enjoy. Also, Skrillex has a show in Seattle tomorrow and tickets are still available so don’t miss out if you’re in the area!

Rhythm Master Ft. Wynter Gordon – I Feel Love (Avicii’s Forgotten Remix): Haunting lyrics and harmonizing synths make this one of the best and most complete tracks i’ve heard in a while.

LMFAO Ft. Lauren Bennett & Goon Rock – Party Rock Anthem: I wasn’t feeling this track a ton when I first heard it but after a little bit of time it’s grown on a lot.


Mt. Eden – Sierra Leon: Not really sure what to even say about this song other than it’s perfect. The high vocals mixed with the lowest wobbles ever are just insane. Listen to this with your headphones/speakers turned all the way up or it just isn’t even worth it.

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