The Weekend Warm-Up

Back at it with another week of bangers to fill your weekend with the joy of thumping bass and shrieking synths. Yea, i’m a literary genius. Anyways, I’m adding a new feature this week. If you want to just download all the songs in a bundle i’m gonna start posting that at the end of the Weekend Warm-Up every week. Should make it a little more simple. But of course you’ll still be able to download each song the same way as before.

Ellie Goulding – Lights (Bassnectar Remix): Gonna start off a little slow with this one. Possibly my favorite intro to a song EVER. Gives me chills everytime. Also, Bassnectar has a show Saturday at the Paramount. Tickets are sold out, but they’re all over Craigslist so make sure you go if possible!

Cyberpunkers – Cabala: The Cyberpunkers song from last week was easily my favorite in a ridiculous line-up. Here’s another sick songs from them.

Feed Me Ft. Tasha Baxter – Cloudburn: Skrillex dropped this song in his set a few weeks ago and I knew I had heard it somewhere before. Stumbled across it in my iTunes a couple days ago and i’m super happy I did cause this song goes hard.

Avicii – Sweet Dreams (Avicii Sweeder Dreams Mix): Well this dude has made himself a regular on the warm-up every week in 2011 i’m pretty sure. Avicii dropped this song in his essential mix, but there weren’t any high quality versions available. This week he released 3 versions of the song for free and it was definitely worth the wait.

Monarchy – Love Get Out Of My Way (Benassi Remix): Benny Benassi has been releasing hit after hit lately and this is no different.

Shwayze & Cisco – Cali Trippin’: I posted Shwayze’s new EP the W’s a couple days ago and if you haven’t downloaded it you should. This is easily my favorite song off the EP so if nothing else, make sure to pick up this song!


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