The Weekend Warm-Up

Laidback Luke – Timebomb Ft. Jonathan Mendelsohn: Another track from Laidback Luke this week. “Timebomb” is one of my favorite tracks right now even though it’s a little older. As always, Luke’s synths are on point. This song will get anybody amped.

Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed (Dead C∆T Bounce Remix): Everyone has heard the Jakwob remix of Starry eyed (I would hope). This new remix reworks the song a lot and the multiple drops throughout the song are filthy.

Breakdown – Zwiggy: I don’t know anything about Breakdown, but this song is sick. It is also blowing up on just about every blog right now. What is that a steel pan in the production? Love it.

Avicii – Fuck The Music: This Swede is taking over! It seems like every week Avicii is dropping a new tune or remix that blows me away. “Fuck The Music” came out earlier this week and doesn’t disappoint. It reminds me a lot of Street Dancer because of the 80s feel. This blend of so many genre’s of music is a must DL.

Steve Forest –  Modern Times Ft. Marcus Pearson (Chriss Ortega Mix): I rediscovered one of my favorite dance songs this week and had to post it. Everything about this song is sick and it is one that you need to have in your library.

Download the full Weekend Warm-Up

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