The Weekend Warm-Up

Ultra is this weekend. We aren’t there. But at least the Warm-Up this week is filled with bangers of all kinds.

Kennedy – Karate: This is the perfect song to start out any night with. The lyrics are hilariously awesome and the beat is old school funk infused. Shout out to Courtney for sending me this gem

Nancy Sinatra – Bang Bang (White Noise Dubstep Remix): This song has been remixed or sampled about 1 million times. Really feeling this new remix on a classic from White Noise. It’s labeled as dubstep, but isn’t. More of an electro feel.

Medina – Addiction (Alexander Adstedt Remix): Medina is a great artist who has some really great remixes (i.e. You and I w/ Deadmau5). Anyways, this song takes awhile to pick up, but is easily my favorite song of the week. Must DL!

Bob Sinclair – New New New (Avicii Remix): Avicii is coming out with a new collaboration/mix project and when i saw the track list this song instantly jumped out. Bob Sinclair is an EPIC house producer and the mixture of his music with Avicii’s signature style creates such a dope song!

Calvin Harris – Awooga: This song is blowing up everywhere and for good reason. The drop is ridiculous. Go nuts to this song. Enjoy the weekend.

Download the full Weekend Warm-Up

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